Mission Driven Monday--Karen Seward

If you love to sit down and have a good, long chat with a favorite friend, then I’ve got a treat for you! Karen is the friend you wish you had to cheer you up when things are going badly and the friend to cheer you on when things are going well. She’s an old soul with a young heart and she’s written a book called From My Heart to Yours, the next best thing to enjoying a real cup of hot joe with Karen by your side. I’m so excited to share a little of her warmth and wisdom here on this blog today. Enjoy!

Want to know what it’s like to be tossed out of an airplane with a pink parachute? Find out here: http://www.karenscoffeecorner.com/

I also know for a fact that Karen begins every day with a book called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. You can order it here.

Karen is also a staunch supporter of mindfulness and meditation. Here’s a great website that can help you find more peace in your own life.

Ready to take it to the next level?