I believe you can have the life of your dreams, even if it’s not the one you imagined long ago. You just need some tools and encouragement to get there.

Are you mission-driven and creative? Have you tried (and failed) to balance #allthethings? Ready for more? The goal isn’t balance, it’s fullness!

When I talk to women about what's important to them, they often tell me they're trying to manage everything, that they want to be more motivated and less frustrated. They want to be present with their friends and family, but often feel responsible for managing the insecurities of others while trying to instill values like kindness and self discipline in their kids. They wish they had discovered more about themselves at an earlier age. They  say, "I like being me. I just want to be a better me."

If you’re building your family, starting your business, or launching a season of investment in yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

After spending more than twenty years leading volunteer teams, starting my own nonprofit, and working alongside creative entrepreneurs, I took the best of what I’ve learned and combined it with creative, useful tools that celebrate our experiences and strengthen our relationships.

But as you know, every good story begins with an inciting incident. Mine was the day I had to choose between motherhood and medical school. My life (and yours) are like stories, always filled with complex and emotional choices. Our decisions are never made in a vacuum.

When I'm not working, you can find me reading children's fiction, watching the Food Network, or scolding my four-pound Yorkshire Terror, Hammy.  My husband and kids know that I'll drop everything for a cup of hot tea and a piece of fine, dark chocolate.

Learning who we are and what we’re capable of is a lifelong process.

Let’s do it together!


I've been running on an exercise trampoline five mornings a week since 1984.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Keller


Amy Phelps

Hi! I’m Amy. Graphic Artist, Student, and Mom.

Over here on the website, I’m the girl hiding behind the computer screen putting all the shapes, images, colors, and words together. This isn’t work; it’s my personal playground. Every assignment is a challenge and an opportunity for me to figure out how different pieces of a unified puzzle work together to make something that’s beautiful and helpful (and fun!). 

As a mom of two lively daughters, a former Biology teacher, and current art student, I’m bringing the best of what I know about life, marriage, motherhood, and creativity into everything I build. And while I don’t know what the future holds, I know I love being surprised and delighted by every “a-ha” moment brought to life through this community.

Fun Fact: 

I've been a college student 14 years, I have three degrees and might accidentally end up with a fourth. (Yikes!)


ginny Starr

Hi! I'm Ginny. Designer, Creative, and Entrepreneur.

My college diploma testifies that I’m your girl for the 9-5 world of marketing and business law. But 9-5 just wasn’t for me. That old piece of paper had no idea I would one day find joy planning weddings and  designing homes. Then I had kids, and for the past decade, I’ve been taking everything I love about working with people and pouring it into my church, school, and community. 

Enter the Forever We Adventure Club. (Where was this club when I was a kid?) The FWAC equips young leaders through friendship and fun, and empowers 4th and 5th grade girls to make a difference wherever they are. The kids dream, create, serve, and give. We’re in their corner every step of the way!

I’m passionate about homemade biscuits, beautiful paper and fabric, fresh flowers, and of course the three loves of my life—my husband, Darren and kids, Mason and Nora!

Fun fact:

I think Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope are the greatest television characters ever! (I think I’m a good balance of the two.)