Mission Driven Monday--Sophia Watson

Meet Sophia Watson!

Sophia Watson is a writer, actress, and model who uses her gifts to bring awareness to important issues affecting our nation’s young people. At just 18 years old, she wrote and starred in the original film, #SLUT, a movie about bullying, the abuse of power, and regret. While other kids her age are hanging out and scrolling through their social media feeds, you can often find Sophia holed up in her room brainstorming new ideas and writing, writing, writing! Sophia is also an accomplished baker (you should see her cakes!), loves kids, and donates a portion of all money she earns to charities for children. I loved our conversation because young people give us an interesting perspective about the future of the world. And guess what? The future is GOOD. Sophia lives life to the fullest and inspires meaning and purpose in everyone she meets.

Important Links from this Episode:

Cobb International Film Festival

Message Received You Tube Series (She wrote and directed this fun series when she was in high school!)

#SLUT Official Website

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