Mission Driven Monday--Ashley Russ


Introducing Ashley Russ! She's a "Jane of all Trades." Seriously, she's the smartest, most generous person I know. She can teach herself how to do anything--and has! She has a dual degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from Vanderbilt University, started her own marketing firm, and is an accomplished photographer, Pilates instructor, and philanthropist.

I want to use the words generous and kind to describe Ashley Russ, but these words aren’t strong enough. Ashley is generous in the way the sky or the sun is generous—she just is. She can’t help it. Her generosity and kindness are expansive, and she spreads warmth wherever she goes.

I’m excited to invite you into this conversation today because I learned things about Ashley that she would never tell you in person. She’s modest like that, and it’s one of the things that makes her story so compelling.

She’s following her mission, not the madness. Let’s be inspired together!