It Only Takes a Spark

I love to work out. In fact, I started running on an exercise trampoline when I was just nine years old. I still have one, and on days I don’t make it to the gym, I trek down to my basement, turn on a cooking show and run like my life depends on it. Actually, it’s more of a steady jog, but I’m nothing if not consistent, and this is one habit I’ve been faithful to for the past 35 years. My husband, Gavin, is always saying I need to challenge myself and change up the workout in order to jump start my metabolism and get my body to do respond in new ways. I realized how much I am a creature of habit. Change is so hard!

Speaking of change, I read that making just one small change to your everyday routine can ignite your imagination and make the synapses fire in new ways. This is encouraging news because we don’t have to make big changes in our everyday routine to experience dynamic growth in our everyday lives, businesses, and families.

While my kids are on Winter Break this week I’ve got some time to experiment. Here’s 25 ideas for you, too. I’d love to know about any of your creative breakthroughs, so feel free to share in the comments!

  • Drink tea instead of coffee.

  • Take a bath instead of a shower.

  • Sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

  • Eat dinner for breakfast.

  • Walk the dogs down a different street.

  • Call instead of text.

  • Write a letter instead of call.

  • Turn off the radio in the car.

  • Eat with chopsticks instead of a fork.

  • Part your hair on a different side.

  • Shop at an unfamiliar grocery store.

  • Substitute couscous for rice.

  • Wear bold lipstick.

  • Dance in the rain

  • Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Leave the beds unmade.

  • Take a nap.

  • Wake up an hour early.

  • Unroll a ball of string.

  • Ride down the street with the windows down.

  • Eat something you’ve never tried.

  • Take the bus and go somewhere new.

  • Make some homemade bread.

  • Light a scented candle.

  • Read something from a different genre than you normally do.

Whether you are in a season of busyness or have some down time, there’s something on this list you can try. As I look at the list now, I see some things that would probably make me downright uncomfortable. I always make the beds, so leaving them unmade might cause me more angst than inspiration, but I will never know until I try it! I may feel mildly uncomfortable with my hair parted on a different side, or cold if I’m dancing in the rain in the middle of February. I may find the process of making homemade bread cathartic. The jigsaw puzzle might be infuriating, but the downtime and the intellectual struggle are exercise for my brain.

And speaking of exercise, I dragged myself down to the gym this morning and tried a Spin Class. I was so sweaty when I finished.

Here’s to trying new things and experiencing new ideas!