Mission Driven Monday--Jen Soong

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Jen Soong! She's a deep thinker, an adventurous soul, and my personal accountability partner. It's not just another Mission Driven Monday; it's an opportunity to meet (and learn) from a new friend. Every month, we send each other our life goals, and hers is always about five times as long as mine. Don’t be fooled by the deliberate, soft spoken voice. Jen has Chinese heritage. She’s fiercer than she looks!

To learn more about Jen, you can connect with her on Instagram. You will find her to be a gifted poet, and her photos of northern California are breathtaking. We talked about how she’s exploring digital storytelling. Yes, please! I, for one, am trying not to always be the dumbest one in the room when it comes to computers, so I've already registered for this. And if you’re in the Atlanta area, you can check out her brain child, Root City Market here.

Thanks for stopping by, Jen!